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    We are the solution for your hiring needs. 

Delivering Staffing & Recruiting Excellence 

We offer within our portfolio of staffing and recruitment solutions a quality mix of Retained, Executive , Container and Contingency Search Services plus Contract Staffing designed to leverage the experiences of qualified talent from different industries and work environments for the mutual benefit of both employers and candidates.

Retained Search

Our Retained search solution is utilized for strategic leadership talent needs. It is relevant when there is an urgent need for talent and in circumstances where the role will have a measurable impact on a company’s performance. It is also deployed in meeting fast or transitional opportunities. Retained executive search demonstrates a commitment from each side and sends a clear message to candidates that the company highly values the role. Also, a majority of senior professional leaders prefer to work with retained search recruiters for the same reason as it signifies the importance and commitment a company places on the position.

Benefits of Retained Search Model 
  • Our most exhaustive search service
  • Excellent, top notch  & more responsive candidates
  • Extensive personalized service, candidate management,
      interview and negotiation support

Executive Search

Our Executive Solution is part of our retained search services with specific emphasis and geared to locating and recruiting top-notch talent for senior boardroom positions. It’s heavy on headhunting techniques with critically defined and specific recruitment campaigns to source and attracts executive-level candidates. We also rely on current recruiting technological tools in candidate sourcing, attraction, engagement, and selection.

Our approach to executive search is highly personalized and includes in-depth sourcing and contact with candidates. 

Benefits of Executive Search Model
  • Our most defined and targeted Search service

  • Excellent, top notch  and harder to reach candidates
  • Extensive and highly personalized service, candidate management, interview and negotiation support.

Container Search

Our Container Search is the optimal mix of Retained and Contingent search. Under this hybrid search solution, you'll get an unmatched recruiting solution service from us. With this search model, there is an upfront engagement fee, and our firm provides the guarantee of a minimum and maximum pool of candidates agreed upon by parties involved. Failure to deliver will lead to a partial return of engagement fee.

Benefits of Container Search Model
  • Hybrid-risk model
  •  Minimum and Maximum candidates guaranteed
  •  Extensive service, candidate management and interview support.
  • Container Search Fee Structure:
  • Engagement Fee due at start of recruiting
  • Final payment due 30 days after onboarding
  •  Minimum qualified candidates in 2 weeks.

Contract Staffing

We provide contract and temporary staffing solution across our practice of industry verticals including accounting, Banking & Finance, Engineering, Healthcare, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Retail, Technology, Construction, Energy, Oil & Gas, and Pharmaceutical. Our contract staffing services are beneficial in reducing the time and cost of hiring for short-term projects, interim, seasonal workloads, time-sensitive, transitional roles/projects, and in cases that require speed, agility, and flexibility.

Benefits to Contract Staffing Model 
  • Comprehensive workforce solutions
  • Provides great insights into a candidate before direct hire
  • We have a back office that handles payroll, taxes, insurance, 

     Compliance and Paperwork to save you time and cost     

  • Hourly employees without the regulatory, compliance and tax burden.
Who We Are 


The A.Manberg Search Group is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm providing a blend of tailored recruiting and talent acquisition solutions and expertise to companies of all sizes and across all industries in New York, the tri-state area, nationwide and internationally.

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Your talent acquisition needs are unique and so should the solutions. We combine our expertise, experience and the energy of our staff to ensure each client receives close personal and professional attention. Our firm is responsive because companies who choose our firm rely on competent recruiting solutions and fast, accurate service. 

Technology Driven

We have a team of experts that know the evolving Hr technology market better, who are continuously in tune with new technological advances in the field. We partner with leading providers and talent platforms globally to ensure you have the best solutions designed for your organization.

Innovative Solutions

Our innovative process involves continuous and constant explorations of avenues to find and design better and current solutions for our clients to achieve their business goals. Our vision is a successful business, and our partnerships and implementation techniques are to meet and exceed this goal.


With a rapidly changing world comes daily changes in the talent landscape. We evolve with this constantly changing world with a team whose goal is to help companies build an agile and intelligent workforce to meet their business objectives. We utilize the best talent recruiting tools and technology to provide agile solutions to your satisfaction.

 Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients at affordable and competitive rates compared with others. No matter your cost constraint, we will work with you to find the best talent available for the position your hiring for.

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